c.1949 Gruen Veri-thin Pan Am Gents Pilots Watch


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In around 1943 Gruen started to produce a range of Pilots Watches for Pan Am which at the time was one of the big two American Airlines, at that time America was at war and all Pan Am bases and airports were turned over to the military. These watches all have sweep seconds an inner ring for 1-12 and an outer ring for 13-24, initially these watches were only supplied to Pan Am personnel and that lasted till the end of the war in 1945. After that the watches were made available to the general public on the basis that consumers will have love the idea of the 24 hour dial and those that had used them during WW2 would like to buy the civvy version. These watches are now much sought after. 

This watch is post war, a solid 10K yellow gold plated case with a steel back , it has contrasting white gold plated  decorative lugs, the case is in good condition there are a few scratches but nothing serious , the dial does show a little wear but again nothing detrimental to the overall look, the numerals are crisp and clear. Inside the case is a Verithin 420SS 17 Jewel lever  movement. 

Cosmetically overall in good condition for its age and is running very well. 

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