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We are an award winning events company specialising in nostalgic days out ‚Äčand evening entertainment. If you want vintage themed events, we have 10 years experience of creating events for clients from across the UK. Our expertise includes:

  • Vintage Festivals, Shows and Markets
  • Vintage Evening Dances (themed 1920's-1960's) 
  • Managing 1940's - 1960's entertainment stages
  • Managing Classic Vehicle Displays
  • Organising specialist exhibitors and Caterers
  • Fashion Shows & Talks
  • General Guidance on the Vintage Scene

We can offer help with many different aspects of event management including:

  • Total Event Creation
  • Feature Management (Fashion Shows, Best Dressed, Nostalgic Displays, Talks)
  • Social Media Event Promotion (Staff Training) or During Event interaction when you are busy with other things
  • Event floor plan or site layout guidance
  • Entertainment Artist? Stage Management
  • Event Build, On-the-day Operational help and Breakdown
  • Market Management